Announcing Avant-Grove: New Home Models Available 9.6.14


A few months ago, we posted a survey, asking for feedback on what kind of house to build on a few lots that we are developing in The Grove. When asked about housing features, the response was to design a larger house than we have previously done, with a lot of customizable options including green features, luxury kitchens, master suites, and backyards/ leisure zones. DONE. However, we added tall, dark, and designer, too. These three models play nice with their old turn-of-the-century friends, but bring modern to new heights within the St. Louis City housing stock. Check ‘em out, but don’t wait! There are only five lots available.

Sarah Gibson, Design Principal, UIC

Contact Nikki at or 314.881.2333 for more information

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Due to the evolutionary changes in our design improvements process, there may be variations in room dimensions, door swings, windows and door locations.These images do not necessarily reflect base model pricing and show a variety of upgraded options. We reserve the right to substitute materials of comparable quality. These plans are the sole and absolute property of UIC. Use of copying of these plans, without the express written consent of UIC is illegal.