Brewery Project

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In 2012, UIC developed a concept for a brewery in the former Renard Paper building on Manchester Avenue in the Grove Neighborhood of St. Louis. While this section of Manchester has evolved into a vibrant entertainment district over the past 15 years, this conglomeration of buildings fronting the street with a two story height and no windows created a urban dead zone and a south facing masonry façade that would cook the street trees in front.

UIC developed a concept for opening up the façade of the building to the street to bring a new level of vitality to the surrounding area. This included a large scale recessed opening cut into the middle of the building creating an outdoor terrace that could double as a stage, while providing views into the brewery operation. The design also called for the re-opening of several major openings and a renewed emphasis on the corner entry, with a recladding in wood and the construction of a metal trellis and signage. The interior called for an entry with gift shop and an attached beer hall, with production and distribution to the eastern half of the building.