Josh Smith

One of my favorite parts of our core values at UIC is “Inspire Trust & Have Fun”.  Fun is an understatement – It’s been a kick working at UIC since 2013!  Originally from south central Missouri, I received a civil engineering degree from the University of Missouri – Rolla, and have lived and worked in St. Louis since the turn of the century (the 21st century). I maintain a professional engineer’s license and enjoy finding new solutions to the challenges that inevitably arise when one digs a hole or opens a wall. My background is exclusively design-build construction, with management experience in industrial/office/training facilities, cold storage warehouses, rehabilitation of historic school buildings, home-building and home remodeling, and structural concrete. I love working with people that laugh, and where there are sweet things to eat. Speaking of sweet things, I have a teen daughter that’s into singing, acting, and track, and an ageless beauty of a wife who makes me smile and feeds me well, as long as I do a good job renovating our 110-year-old Tower Grove home. Outside home life I stay busy with my church, work with service organizations, and design and build wacky theater sets.