Inspired By: Tiny Houses



This month at UIC, we decided to take on the task of building a tiny mobile house #tinyhouse (it’s really a big thing, if you have not heard of it).

These small structures encompass big ideas and sum up what we do in a nutshell. The tiny house, minimal house, mobile house – offers inspiration for how to live with a smaller “footprint” – both using less space and less energy.

We threw all of our creative energy into imagining how to make the UIC tiny house useful as a tool for presenting ideas about making smaller spaces seem bigger, more open, and flexible, re-purposing materials, and creating clever storage solutions. Because, let’s face it – as romantic of an idea as tiny living is, we all have a lot of stuff.

We are lucky to have a lot of available resources online that constantly replenish our appetite for good / efficient / flexible / beautiful design. Here are some really clever solutions for living small that we were inspired by:

Mini Homes

— Sarah