US English / Marfa Dialogues


Always cognizant of the happenings at the more and more engaging institution that is the Pulitzer Arts Foundation, we are excited that they kick-off the Marfa Dialogues, July 30-August 3, with Ballroom Marfa and the Public Concern Foundation. And, we are equally excited that our friends Brea and James McAnally of The Luminary Center for the Arts will present  Monsanto House of the Future on July 30 at 8pm at The Pulitzer as part of the kick-off programming.

Brea and James have authored the piece as US English, which is a collaborative project between the two. Monsanto House of the Future, is a performative lecture consisting of a video, voiceover, and live score by The Rats & People Motion Picture Orchestra and a publication that considers climate change as seen through speculative architecture and our changing views of the future. Their piece dovetails with the rest of the Marfa Dialogues programming which examines the ways in which art can serve as a catalyst for unexpected collaboration.

The Marfa Dialogues continues a recently established program shift in which the Pulitzer is engaging local creative professionals, inventors, teachers, and community leaders to discuss specifically St. Louis’ issues with education, business, aging, and entrepreneurialism, – and more. These activities put people in a room that might not otherwise have been engaged with each other – to generate ideas, a fresh approach, and hopefully and ongoing dialogues, in an inspiring and unexpected space.


UIC is looking forward to being there tomorrow night (Wednesday, July 30) to experience this exciting exhibition.