UIC Designed Home Is Featured in Post-Dispatch

St. Louis, Botanical Heights, contemporary home, new construction, modern design

Look! Our neighbors are in the paper. Anne and Perry were interviewed by the Post-Dispatch and featured in the Home section the weekend of March 10. Along with some great images of their UIC house, they tell their story of moving the family back to the city from Kirkwood and why they chose Botanical Heights. Thanks to Amy Bertrand for the great article @stltoday.  Read the full story here.


Inspired By: Tiny Houses



This month at UIC, we decided to take on the task of building a tiny mobile house #tinyhouse (it’s really a big thing, if you have not heard of it).

These small structures encompass big ideas and sum up what we do in a nutshell. The tiny house, minimal house, mobile house – offers inspiration for how to live with a smaller “footprint” – both using less space and less energy.

We threw all of our creative energy into imagining how to make the UIC tiny house useful as a tool for presenting ideas about making smaller spaces seem bigger, more open, and flexible, re-purposing materials, and creating clever storage solutions. Because, let’s face it – as romantic of an idea as tiny living is, we all have a lot of stuff.

We are lucky to have a lot of available resources online that constantly replenish our appetite for good / efficient / flexible / beautiful design. Here are some really clever solutions for living small that we were inspired by:

Mini Homes

— Sarah